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“How do they see when there is no light?”
“They live by night, they live by night!”

“Where do they go, and when do they sleep?”
“They live by night, they live with me!”

2010 was a great year for music — aren’t they all? I missed more great shows than I went to, but I still saw a lot of amazing performances.

Looking back, it is hard to determine what my favorite show was, but I will have to say it was Unrest at their crazy triple-reunion show at the Black Cat. I always say how tired I am of old bands reuniting, but then I see a performance like that and it makes me want to rush out and see all the dinosaur bands before they disappear.

For runners-up I will go with Grinderman and The Blow, both of which are at least going concerns, if not exactly spring chickens. But neither am I.

Last year at this time I was super enthused about the DC music scene, but some of my interest has slipped a bit since then. I am still a firm supporter of Sockets Records, and they had a good year! But a lot of their more interesting stuff took place a year or so ago — they have an upcoming showcase that will hopefully rekindle my interest in their roster, and give me a chance to buy the records that I don’t have.

All the energy in DC these days seems to be sucked up by young kids who are playing old-fashioned punk. They play at houses, they play at the Velvet Lounge. I saw a handful of these guys in the past year, including a Windian showcase. These are bands like The Points (R.I.P.) and The Shirks, and they are fine and all, but I am just too old to really get into any of them. When I see any of these bands, I keep thinking it’s kinda weird that they are playing stuff that sounds exactly like what punk bands played before they were even born. I’m not sure I get it. I’m not sure I’m supposed to get it. I wish that whole scene well, though; it is definitely more interesting than a lot of the boring indie rock in this town.


While I am rounding up the year, I will mention that the two new albums that I liked the most are Midnight Kidsdebut EP (download it!!) and the Flower -Corsano Duo‘s You’ll Never Work in This Town Again.

My other favorite album of the year was from last year but I never heard it until 2010: Grant Hart‘s Hot Wax. There were also some less-awesome-than-I-hoped new albums from some of my favorite bands, like Versus and Les Savy Fav and Ted Leo.

But I hardly listen to new music anymore, and I probably listened more often to “State of Love and Trust” than anything released in the past few years.

Oh, and I feel like I should say something about the DC9 homicide case, but I don’t really have a lot to say, except it is distressing. RIP Mark Linkous, Peter Steele, Captain Beefheart, and Alex Chilton.

Ok, onward and upward. This was a lot more verbose than my overview from last year. Enough, 2010 has been over for like a week and a half!

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