District of Cacophony

A showblog/journal/diary, mainly taking place in Washington, DC

“How do they see when there is no light?”
“They live by night, they live by night!”

“Where do they go, and when do they sleep?”
“They live by night, they live with me!”


Not much to say. I just wanna rock. This site is intended to be a simple record of shows I attend — you know, with youtube links and flickr photos and such — and sometimes a means to recommend upcoming events to my friends and anyone else that is interested. I live in Washington, DC, so this site is geared towards local shows but not exclusively to the “DC scene.”

I don’t go to see live music nearly enough, so if you invite me to a show sometime, I will most likely be glad to join you.

This blog is a side project — you might be interested in my main website, monodrone.org jeffgerhard.com.