District of Cacophony

A showblog/journal/diary, mainly taking place in Washington, DC

“How do they see when there is no light?”
“They live by night, they live by night!”

“Where do they go, and when do they sleep?”
“They live by night, they live with me!”

I don’t know Obits too well yet, but I fell in love with Hot Snakes just in time to see them on their last tour. That was a great one, at the mainstage of the Black Cat about four years ago. The Sunday-night-at-the-backstage vibe was mellower and the Obits’ set was pretty short. I liked it but was wondering about how they put the songs together. One of the last ones was totally pop, it sounded like Imperial Teen or something. I’ll have to get their album… it’s sadly on Sub Pop which is not on emusic.

Opener The Points are local and have something of a buzz these days. I hadn’t seen them before. Good but nothing amazing. I am not opposed to seeing them more.

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