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“How do they see when there is no light?”
“They live by night, they live by night!”

“Where do they go, and when do they sleep?”
“They live by night, they live with me!”

A few years ago I went to the Black Cat’s Run for Cover event (where a whole bunch of local musicians put together one-night-only cover bands for charity) and thoroughly enjoyed it. So I had wanted to go back ever since. But this past Saturday I was less impressed. It wasn’t bad, but I was tired, annoyed by the Bon Jovi cover band, and left before seeing the last two bands (one a Weezer cover band, the other doing the Bee Gees).

From what I saw, there were two main highlights — the Runaways cover band which was pretty hilarious, as they did “Cherry Bomb” and then, since there were no other Runaways songs to play, a set of some Joan Jett hits preceded by Lita Ford‘s “Kiss Me Deadly.” And I totally LOVE the song “Kiss Me Deadly” so I was jazzed! They also alluded to doing “Close My Eyes Forever” and I think I would have died happy if they’d had an Ozzy-clone come out and do that one, but oh well. “Kiss Me Deadly”! Such a classic! I was also kind of hoping the real Joan Jett would come out and join them at some point, but I liked the faux-Joan Jett too.

The other highlight was a Cure tribute. The Cure seem pretty easy to cover if you can find someone who can approximate Robert Smith’s voice. The dude was good — here’s a clip:

But, sigh, Bon Jovi. I think I would not have minded them much at all, had I not seen a Bon Jovi tribute band just a month ago. That’s it for Bon Jovi tributes for my lifetime, I think. I mean, Bon Jovi were ok, but there are so many better bands in the same genre… the tougher bands like Crüe and Ratt, the heavier bands like GnR, the amazing party-dude/guitar god mashup that was old-school Van Halen. But Bon Jovi? Just a boring party band, but one that takes themselves more seriously than Poison did. If it was up to me I would’ve tried being a Tesla tribute.

I also liked the Guided by Voices tribute though I don’t know GBV very well. Maybe I should delve into it some more. Here’s a clip:

UPDATE 8/6/09: Just stumbled upon a clip from the “Cherrybombz” — very short but I wanted to acknowledge it since I thought they were rad:

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